The Men’s Ministry at Renner Lutheran meets at The Safari next to the Renner Corner on the 1st Saturday of each month at 9:00 a.m. for about an hour to hour and a half. The men enjoy coffee and cinnamon rolls, lively fellowship with one another, and a bible study from the Master Builders Bible for Men. The gatherings are quite informal and all men who have graduated from high school are encouraged to attend. The men’s gatherings at The Safari usually include anywhere from 10 to 25 men.

In addition to the monthly meetings, the Renner Lutheran men also periodically do some outreach projects. Examples include:

  • Making “Faith Chests” given to those baptized at Renner Lutheran to hold baptismal certificate and baptismal napkin, confirmation certificate, Sunday school memorabilia and various other faith mementos as the child grows up.
  • Updating the sign (painting, refurbishing) at the original site of the Nidaros Lutheran Church, located approximately 7 miles north of Renner Lutheran Church.
  • And pouring/forming a new concrete pad for the “handicapped” parking area in the church parking lot.
  • Creating bible racks which have been placed under the sanctuary pews.  (The congregation recently purchased NRSV bibles to be used during worship.)
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