Welcome to Renner Lutheran Sunday School. Renner has a wonderful Sunday school program for our children. We offer up a wonderful Christian classroom setting as well as many different and fun activities for our young youth.

We currently have approximately 50 kids attending our Sunday school classes. Our classes are broke down into about 10 different age groups. Our Sunday school starts at 9:55am and goes until 10:50am every Sunday, September – May. Children are welcome to start class at the age of 3. That is our beginning class and they are called “Little Lambs”. After they graduate from the “Little Lambs” class, we try to match the child with the current grade that they are in for the regular school year. For instance, if they just started preschool, we would then register them for our Preschool Sunday school class. Along with the Little Lambs and Preschool, we have classes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. Our church currently uses the Gospel Light Sunday school material for their classes. The children enjoy and really respond to this teaching material. It really encourages the child to have faith and want to learn more of our Lord, Jesus Christ. During that hour of class time, the kids will sing joyful music too. Not only do they get to have fun learning of Jesus in class, but they will get a chance to sing about him too. After learning a few fun songs, they will get to perform those for the congregation during our church services. We really try to make it a fun and educational time for our children.  We also offer a Teen bible study class for ages 7th – High School. It is a really fun Christian based young bible study class. It is a unique opportunity for our teenagers to have a Christian fellowship and discuss different issues throughout their lives. No matter what age, it is important for them to know that the Lord is with them in whatever they do and where ever they go.

Throughout the year, Renner offers many different activities and fundraisers for our young youth. In March, we have our Sunday school “Spring Carnival”. This is a time for our kids to come have lunch and play many different carnival games. The games are so fun that they receive a prize every time! It gets everyone in the mood for spring and our minds off of winter! We really enjoy seeing the kids have a good time!

Next, in July we offer a Vacation Bible School program. This program runs on a Sunday – Thursday evening from 6:00pm – 8:30pm. We serve supper and then break into different sessions throughout the evening. Our sessions include Bible stories, Games, Imagination station, and Music. We offer this program for ages 3 through 6th grade and encourage our older youth to help out during the week. We invite the adults and older youth in the congregation to serve as crew leaders, station assistants, kitchen help, and etc. throughout the week. We all have so much fun learning of our Lord, Jesus Christ, during the whole week. It is a fun learning experience for your child and we strongly encourage them to attend. The kids always put on a program filled with fun music on the last night of VBS. You won’t want to miss it!

Every year the Sunday school does a couple of fundraisers to help pay for materials needed and VBS. We have started doing a Pizza Ranch Fundraiser in Brandon, SD during the month of April. We usually do this on a Monday night from 5pm – 8pm. We invite everyone to come out and eat while the kids work hard and clean up tables. They really like to work hard for their extra tips that go towards their Sunday school programs. Our biggest fundraiser is done the first Saturday of December. We have an annual Sunday school Christmas Cookie and Craft Fair. This is a time when many members of the congregation donate yummy homemade cookies to sell. We put on a huge display of cookies to sell by the pound. We also invite different craft vendors to set up booths and sell some of their different items. All of the money made from cookie sales and vendor booths go towards our Sunday school programs. This fundraiser is such a joyful thing to have before Christmas! It really is a site to see, so we encourage everyone to attend.

Those are just some of things that we do here at Renner for our Sunday school youth. You do not have to be a member in order to attend these different programs. We encourage all children and adults to be involved. Our youth are very important to us here at Renner. It is a wonderful thing to see a child brought up in the Christian faith and it is comforting for them to know that Jesus is always with them.

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